She is beautiful. Even without her hair and make-up done, without nice dress, with bad lighting and not so good angle – I can’t make her less than she is. She is still beautiful! But I love to make her beauty become perfectly noticeable. I love to make her feel beautiful and believe in it with every cell of her body. I love the moment when she starts trusting me and all the protective barriers fall down. Then her self-confidence can come out and shine trough. I love when her eyes reflect this indescribable femininity. I appreciate every second when she allows herself to be vulnerable. This is so precious moment when I can witness someone giving herself unconditional love. I’m so passionate to see this magical inner change turning into beautiful outer transformation. I just love photographing women. All women. They are all beautiful. You just have to find the way it can come trgough and then capture it. And that’s why I love my job so much :)