Imagine you are looking at your friend’s images where she looks gorgeous and a thought arises “wish I had that beautiful images of me as well!”. And then what happens? How many of you start automatically small-thinking about yourselves?
Oh, I have to lose some weight (even if you are in normal weight). My skin is full of acne (even if you have a few spots here and there). My hair is awful (even if all you have to do is have your roots done). I feel so miserable and unattractive, etc. And then you postpone the idea by saying to yourself “maybe next year when I have reached my goals of ideal me”. Really? Will it really happen next year, when it haven’t happen with previous 20 years? Why is it so hard to love ourselves the way we are, right now? Why we too many times overlook our strengths, beauty, wisdom and uniqueness?

It’s time to stop criticizing yourself! For good! And start noticing every inch of your beauty! Look into your own eyes and tell yourself “I Love You!” And do it with the same intensity that you have previously been criticizing yourself! Do it passionately and every day! And even-thought the aim of doing that is not to change yourself in any way, but to change your perception of yourself, so that you can feel good in your own skin.. you may still lose a few pounds or notice some beautiful improvements in your complexion, etc.. because your body definitely responds to your love. It is so important to do it for yourself.. because when you give your attention to what you like about yourself instead of what you don’t, there will be soon more to love about yourself… and of course, it will then become more noticeable by others too. And those who already appreciate and love themselves, they probably agree with me that feeling good about yourself is the best gift one can do to herself. And there is no better time than now. You are perfect right now!

Please enjoy the photos of a beautiful girl who as long as I remember has always enjoyed herself the way she is :)